2016 New York Comicon

After getting past the horrible experience of this year's acquisitions of New York City Comicon tickets, it was well made up for by this year's content. Lots of things to see and buy! Pop culture for the year of 2016 was definitely in recovery from the previous year. My girlfriend literally left the con the first day with two extra bags of loot.

Who ever came up with the ticketing system from Reed Pop for this year's convention did a horrible job on top of having the worst idea in event management imo. And what was the reason for layers upon layers of steps needed on top of already difficult to get tickets? Safety? Convenience? They may say so but that is absolute BS. Get the frack outta here! 

First off, we all know why the reason why each individual had to be "e-mail verified". Is to get a hold of thousands of attendees' e-mails and twitter accounts? Am I wrong? Oh well! That's how it feels like. The extra steps implemented was not necessary and it only gave you more work to do i.e checking all refunded tickets for those that missed assigning their tickets etc. and be on the phone with them. Re-opening the ticket sale window a second time because you didn't fill your capacity the first time, due to people getting refunded for not assigning tickets. Only someone who did something wrong do something twice.

Reed Pop needs a better event manager. The cluster f*** you caused in almost making the event exclusive to the tech savvies made you all look like a** h**** and do not know how to handle large events. Lucky for you, you are holding this event in one of the biggest cities in the east coast and people will try their best to attend to see the content. And let me guess, you got pitched some lame ticketing software last year and were forced to use it.