Canonites are haters?!

This year sometime during the summer, I attended an in-store demo for a lighting system. It was a hands on workshop where they had a couple of models you were able to take photos of using their lighting system, and you were allowed to use the images you took in your portfolios as long as it was not for money. It was a fun great little session but way too many people and were only a couple of remote triggers each for Nikon and Canon cameras.

On top of the confusion of whos turn it was to use the singular strobe being used for about thirty people, was handing off the correct triggers to the correct people with the correct brand of camera. The Nikonites noticeably outnumbered the Canonites by at least 3 to 1 as ever where the person (lets call him instructor) turned was a Nikonite and he had a Canonite trigger in his hand. He was a pro and funny enough guy. The problem was, he was a Canonite and had minimal knowledge when it came to the menu settings of Nikon cameras. He found going through Nikon's menu a pain in the ass, as a high speed sync setting had to be adjusted in order for the strobe system to work properly.

"Geez so many people with Nikons!" the instructor said. Almost immediately, a person in the group was heckling the Nikonites - "I don't know where all these Nikon people came from all of a sudden. But they have to go back." Followed by more remarks and almost instantly became more and more obnoxious. Most of the beginners had Nikon cameras, and were not succeeding in adjusting their cameras properly and not exposing their shots properly. The man added another remark where Nikon people should go back to photography school.

At this point I was standing next to him. I didn't perceive him to be a bad guy. Not at all. Maybe he was just joking, maybe he wasn't. A little competition between two teams is maybe what he was thinking. Something of the sort. So I turned to him and said "Wow, so much hate against Nikon. Did you use to work for them or something?" I asked. He smiled and said no. "Oh no, I'm just doing this part time. I used to have Nikons then I switched. I wanted a full frame camera but Nikon had to make them extremely expensive." he answered. I chuckled and smiled back at him.

So there you go. The root of a Canonite heckling Nikonites with such prejudice was... Nikon's FX price?!