My Gear

The most asked question to all photographers. "What do you shoot with?" (What's in your camera bag?)

I myself, am a Nikon guy. I learned how to use an SLR for photography in college back in 2003 when I used a modest Nikon N75 film SLR. I started with a Nikon, still with a Nikon. This was back when digital cameras were making it's way as an industry standard. Nikon had just released the Nikon D2H digital DSLR. 

Now (2016) I'm lugging around a black moll-e back pack from Lowepro with two cameras, an FX and a DX. Four lenses, two primes and two variables covering 24mm from the FX end, up to (300mm) 450mm on the DX end.

  • Lowepro Protactic 250 AW
  • Nikon D810 + Precision Grip + two en-el15 batteries + Black and Red Nikon Leather neck strap
  • Nikon D5300 + two en-el14 batteries + Black and Red Nikon Leather neck strap
  • x3 Trancend 128gb Compact Flash, x6 Trancend 128gb SD cards
  • Nikkor AF 50mm f/1.8 G (58mm thread)
  • Nikkor AF 85mm f/1.8 G (67mm thread)
  • Nikkor AF VR 24mm-120mm f/3.5-5.6 G (72mm thread)
  • Nikkor AF 70mm-300mm f/4.5-5.8 G (62mm thread
  • Insignia NS-DXFL2N TTL External Flash for Nikon + Insignia 3.5" diffuser + Insignia 12x8 soft box + 8x Duracell Duralock AA rechargable batteries.
  • Davis & Sanford Voyager Lite Tripod with BH8A Ball Head
  • Ultra Optics 67mm ND8 Filter
  • Neewer 67mm Variable NDX Filter
  • Neewer FC16 3-in-1 Remote Flash Trigger
  • Zeikos 72mm Closeup Macro Filter Kit
  • GoWing Flip for Nikon

I am a techie and I love gear in general, but I do not want to be a gear hog. I find carrying around a large duffel bag or suitcase full of gear disturbing. I feel that a backpack makes it easy to carry just enough gear for any shooting situations but not too much that you can't get there on time. If it fits in my back pack, it's coming with me. I mainly shoot portraits with my Nikon D810 (FX 36.3mp) attached with a Precision Battery Grip, while my Nikon D5300 (DX 24.2mp) serves as a back up camera during important shoots and for shooting video. I also make sure that my gear has enough power for at least 3 days of shooting without having to charge anything. And along with it, memory should never ever be a problem #batterypowerfordayz #gbfordayz

As much as I love my Nikons, I absolutely hate the gaudy Nikon yellow neck straps. They look like you can direct traffic whenever you're wearing them, and it's even worse when you have the pro models. So the first thing I do when I get a new Nikon body is attach a Black and Red leather neck strap from Nikon Japan. It matches the body color, it's sleek and discrete without other people identifying you as a Nikon geek from a block away.

With the kind of photography I do, I have no need for expensive high speed sync external flashes. Insignia has always made some quality computer accessories, so when I saw that they had a TTL External Flash without asking for an arm and a leg - I had to try it out. So far it has served it's purpose no matter how basic it is. It's lite and straight to the point. Accompanied by a diffuser and a soft box (also by Insignia), I can set up a portrait shoot pretty much anywhere.

Although I can make some improvements in the Variable Zoom lens department, the two I carry - 70-300 and 24-120 fits in my bag and budget. However when it comes to primes, I absolutely love the 50mm & 85mm 1.8 Gs. Setting them to f/2 is just... mmm mmm good! They are light (plastic) and bright and just right. And as much as I hate  to admit it, yes I have UV filters and hoods on all my lenses with matching front and end caps. My cameras have their flash shoe covers when I do not have a flash attached. But that's pretty much just the OCD kicking in :D

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