2016 Photo Expo + Experience

This year's expo was more than amazing. At least to me. Living in New York City, you get used to the crowd. Meaning you scream and yell at someone for walking slow in front of you or bumping into you - but forget about it thirty seconds later. Surprisingly, I found this year's expo to have a good turn out and a good crowd. As it was raining towards the end of the week, the crowd eventually trickled in at about past noon. But over all it was easy to get around the expo floor minus the odd road blocks in the aisles for some of the oversized booths that just cut into the isle making you go around and lose track which isle you were going down in. Typical Reed Pop setup lately. But aside from that, the only thing holding up the flow of the crowd are the usual older, from out of state demographic.

Upon checking in you are already being slapped in the face with the usual Canon lanyards which you can't really complain (I love lanyards). "Score Canon!" I suppose a compromise was the plentiful Nikon loot bags posted everywhere for everyone. "Score Nikon!" My first stop was the Nikon Booth. Obviously. Which was to the right of the entry way. Canon was on the left. It was a very interesting setup as both brands were evenly positioned as soon as you walk in past security check. I found that interesting. If you are a Nikonite, you will end up saying hello to the Nikon desk who will provide you with a Nikon program schedule, a lanyard - Score Nikon! and an I AM KEYMISSION Nikon rubber wrist band. - Score Nikon!

Walking over to the Canon booth, they had their own loot bags although smaller and "I <3 EOS" buttons. Buttons are definitely out of date and are so ten years ago. C'mon, this is not an election. But I found it interesting that even in their brand marketing, Nikon and Canon were trying to one up each other. Nothing new there. But it's the little things that makes me happy during these expos. Loot and photo stuff!

One of the booths I really wanted to check in on was Tamron. Tamron had a setup that was much more interactive than any other booths. You were encouraged to try their lenses on their models with your own camera. Not only does this cater to all aspiring photographers alike. It was a good experience on trying out their lenses making them more likely to be bought. I especially liked the Tamron SP 90mm F2.8 Di Macro lens. Which right now, since I do portrait photography - I am more likely to make this lens my next buy. Why? Because I'm able to go home, check my file and see in depth how the lens performed. And if it's any good, I have a portfolio piece to top off! Other brands had models as well that you can photograph with their gear, but they did not have the openness and welcoming feeling Tamron offered on the expo floor.

There were a lot of new things to see and test out and the expo did not short itself from what it is known for. To be the biggest gathering of the industries best brands and exhibitors in the North East. After seeing what the show had to offer that day, I circled back to catch the end of Joe McNally's presentation back at the Nikon Education Theatre. He touched up on the basics of lighting with a single flash and ofcourse showcasing a new Nikkor 105mm which has been becoming one of the biggest trend in portrait photography after the 50mm last year and 85mm before that.

After his presentation, I checked out the D5 briefly which still did not quite impress me aside from it's machine gun like shutter burst. It still does not justify the 6k price tag for me, since I'm a pixel hoarder and love to high res photographs.

Can't wait until next year.



Joe McNally @ Nikon Education Theatre PhotoExpo+ 2016

Joe McNally @ Nikon Education Theatre PhotoExpo+ 2016